Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lies -" invention of lies" - Lie has only one color and that is Evil BLACK!

My good friend Saquib told me to watch the movie "invention of lies".
By the time I checked the theater's listing, the movie was already
gone. Well I guess it did not make the box office !

Why does people lie? In last 30 days how many times have you lied?
and why did you lie?
Oh! No ! please do not tell me you did "white lies".

Lie has only one color and that is BLACK!

Why do we lie? When did you lie last time? really! take a moment and
think about it? and why did you lie?

then please tell me when would you be able to do it ? AT WHAT AGE ?

The biggest lie of all is "Self deception" is it not?

Why did you lie last time? please THINK !!!! Was is to keep your spouse or lover happy? was it to not hurt some ones feelings? or just to keep your job that you drag yourself to every morning? Like making love to a staled-out spouse or bored-out lover and thinking of some one else ! or is it beacuse of what ?

Or was is that you were ashamed of who you are or what you did?

There is always alternative to a lie ? and that is saying "NO COMMENTS"
or, saying "None of your business" or ,,,,, \

BUT, we all know that "trust" is something that take YEARS to build but only a second to break; but then why do we lie ?

Well My friend ! If you have lied to me once, I forgive you and will forget about
it, but as Paulo Coelho says in his book 'Valkyries':


You decide my friend before you lie next time....

"after all we choose our destiny.. or; do we ?"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tradition - Niagara on The Lake

While trying to break every "Tradition/s" for the past fourty some years, suddenly I find myself longing for "Tradition". On Labour day weekend for the past many years we have been going to the "Niagara on the Lake" (a much ignored city by many tourists in the nearby Niagara Falls area) and just enjoy this beautiful city.
A lazy summer-ending after noon, walking down the historical old city paths, going in to souveneir stores or;

just being there, just to be there; to say good bye to another summer.

But this year it felt like it has become a tradition even if it did not begin that way; and I was telling the boys, may be we should keep up this tradition...

Why does human have traditions? or long for traditions? or carry on traditions? is it because s/he tries to live the moments of the past? feel pensive? feel connected? or ceate and leave a trail, a path, behind?

Now I think, Some Traditions are good, the ones that make us feel connected to.

And being in the same Epicurean restaurant every (or almost) laborday weekend for the past 12 years.

As I notice this group of guys having dinner at the restaurant patio. I wonder if
they were foloowing a labor day weekend tradition ?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ottawa - Canada & Destiny

A trip to one of the most beautiful Capital in the world is always a
treat,but this was a special one, as after MANY many and many
years it was a mini vacation with my father along with my sisters.

The TEA store in Byward market with hundreads of flavors of
tea and having a warm cup of tea with my family
was a memorable experience.

Everytime we see Mr. or Mrs. Dinosaur we appreciate the creation of God..
and many of us think as the popular saying goes "If you do not change
you will become Dinosaur or extinct" .. for some reason I feel too many
of these "So Called Wisdom" are floating around and I see everyday so
many people not only preach and read but also live by these
"So called wisdom/s" and miss the BIG picture.

But when you see one of these coming from the space and land on
you or within hundreads of miles around you, one should be
quick to realize that...

No Matter what you do or how much you change.. One can never escape his or her Destiny. As author Paulo Coelho says - Our only responsibility in life is full filling our destiny........................

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eating out NYC - Last days (Pizza, Bangladeshi, Turkish)

The two cities in US that I have always loved to visit and never got bored are NYC and Las Vegas. Beside the hustle and Bustle the food definitely is the main attraction. On this week long visit to NYC my boys upfront decided that highlight of this trip is going to be checking out several NYC restaurants.


Brooklyn, NY
Highly recommended

This local pizzaria has a few locations in Brooklyn. The thin crust Pizza was great with fresh mozarella, Basil leaves and chioces of toppings. They also serve beer and wine. It was A1 Tasty.

91 Church
(Church and McDonald)
Brooklyn, NY
Must Visit

My elder brother big Foodie Salim Bhai took me to this casual Bangladeshi diner for the best Sponge Rashgulla (a sweet cheese curd), Moglahi parota (fried thin bread stuffed with ground meat and spices and egg) and vegetable Singara. All the items were great and tasty.

Turkish Restaurant
Wehawken, NJ

Right across from Lincoln tunnel in Wehawken, NJ not only has a great view of Manhattan but this Turkish Restaurant that serves great Sish kababa, Zinda Kabab, Tarama and hot turkish bread off of oven.

Street Side Food

The last few days in NYC was mixed with eating out and eating in with friends and family. Eating in was as much fun and wonderful as eating out.

Eating Out NYC - Day 3 (Southwestern, Street food, Italian)

The two cities in US that I have always loved to visit and never got bored are NYC and Las Vegas. Beside the hustle and Bustle the food definitely is the main attraction. On this week long visit to NYC my boys upfront decided that highlight of this trip is going to be checking out several NYC restaurants.


Today was the best eating out experience in NYC.

Chef Boby Flay (Food TV Iron Chef)

102 5TH Ave
212 807 7400
Must Visit

Goat Cheese Queso Fundido with Blue Corn Chips was wonderful

Blue corn pancake stuffed with BBQ duck, habenaro chile - star anise sauce was outstanding

This shrimp tamale was the best....reminded me of Cayote Cafe of Mark Miller in new maxico

Smoked Shrimp Tacos were full of flavors with exotic sauces
Cornmeal crusted Chile Relleno stuffed with roasted eggplant and Manchego Cheese
was delicious
Sweet Potato Ravioli with smoked chile and cilantro brown butter was great

Coconu Layer Cake with Coconut Sauce was outstanding
(this has won Booby a competition in a Food TV show)

We decided to get some Street Side food (Gyros) before catching a off broadway show :Blue Man: and we were gald we did. NYC street food are the best not only in taste but also in value.

Pre Theater food @
Street Food NYC
Rafiqi (Halal Gyro)

CHEF Mario Batali (Iron Chef America)

Dinner @
170 Thompson Street
between Houston St.
and Bleecker St.
New York, NY 10012
(212) 982-5089

The atmosphere inside was warm and friendly. People were relaxed and having a good time. The setup was casual but elegant.

We had,

Sardines with Cracked Wheat
Octopus with Ceci & Sorrel
Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

Skate with Artichoke "alla Giudia
Asparagus Cappellacci

Lupa Tartufo
Apician Spiced Dates & Mascarpone

Except the Spaggeti (too salty) every thing was awsome. Specially the Skate was done just right and I never had Skate so tasty and well cooked. The Bacall (salted cod) was house made and was exceptional. Deserts were also very good. The Menu items are all italian names and was hard to know which was what. Though there was a glossary but our waiter was the best. He recommended all the dishes and we were very pleased.