Monday, June 8, 2009

Washington D.C.


A trip to D.C. with the boys during their spring break has been a ritual for many years. However this year it was a little late. Every year our children seems to grow a lot more then we want them to. As usual the trip was great. Nothing like seeing good ol friends, their children; enjoying their hospitality and connecting again.

In this trip as soon as we approached the border at Buffalo and all the way to the US Capaital, it sure felt like good ol days. The feeling of the USA I use to know in my youth.. the John Wyne, the Marlboro man, the Elvis and the feeling of freedom & beleiving that everything is possible. Is it because that GW BUSH is gone? or is it beacuse of Obama?

The Ten Thousand Dollar "Rickshaw" ;)

Good ol Masud Bhai was as ususal himself with lots of laughters but the best was the Urdu quote he shared with us that he learned many years ago in FCC from one of his class mate Khurshid Bhai. "Koi shikawa nehi, koi gela nehi"...................... the closest translation of that will be something like:
"No regreat in Self, and no complain to God".

The quote had such a profound effect on me that, since I have used it atleast ten times.

Whenever any one asks me "how are you?"

I reply with a smile "koi shikawa nehi koi gela nehi"