Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ottawa - Canada & Destiny

A trip to one of the most beautiful Capital in the world is always a
treat,but this was a special one, as after MANY many and many
years it was a mini vacation with my father along with my sisters.

The TEA store in Byward market with hundreads of flavors of
tea and having a warm cup of tea with my family
was a memorable experience.

Everytime we see Mr. or Mrs. Dinosaur we appreciate the creation of God..
and many of us think as the popular saying goes "If you do not change
you will become Dinosaur or extinct" .. for some reason I feel too many
of these "So Called Wisdom" are floating around and I see everyday so
many people not only preach and read but also live by these
"So called wisdom/s" and miss the BIG picture.

But when you see one of these coming from the space and land on
you or within hundreads of miles around you, one should be
quick to realize that...

No Matter what you do or how much you change.. One can never escape his or her Destiny. As author Paulo Coelho says - Our only responsibility in life is full filling our destiny........................