Thursday, April 30, 2009

The flower that touched my heart!

The GOROKA evenings for me are typical, go to the lodge restaurant, make the dinner to go, walk into the dark house, hang out in the porch, listen to the music and have dinner then go to bed. But last night was different.

Lilly takes care of the house and does an excellent job since I have been here. I have only seen her once for a few minutes, short little skinny papua nuguinean lady, you would not be able to guess her age... it could be forty, fifty, sixty...and she does not say much. Dishes are done, picked up, clothes are laundered, ironed hanged, bed is made.. all the mess the empty cups the shoes, books are placed in to the right places, I can feel the meticulous touch around the house everyday (minus the complains!)

Yestarday I left her a note of appreciation and a small token as a thank you. In the evening when I walked into the house and see this two beautiful flowers put in a simple water bottle; and my evening just changed..

The flowers touched my heart.. I do not remember when was the last time I got a flower for a gift.. or a gift that was filled with so much appreciation back. Thank you Lilly. May be you will ever not see this blog but the last evening? I will cherish for ever.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pacific Garden Lodge - Goroka

Becoming fatter and happier ;) LOL LOL LOL

Swiss chef marcus's one of the specilty is gourmet pizzas

Marcus's Enchiladas

And my favorite hot chillies (Lombos)? Right next to the table ;)

View from the resturant at Lunch:

The night guard, with Bows and Arrows (with specilized arrows for humans, animals, birds)

The Open Bar:

The Restaurant:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flying over rugged PNG Highlands

Papua New Guinea: The way God meant it to be.

The people, the villages, small little townships; as if life has just stopped and sat there for years...... What a breath taking experience, the huts, the farmers up in the mountain no connection to civilization as we know it. When I asked Dave, who has been flying over the highlands for 20 some years, how does people on the top of this mountain living get things like, salt, sugar, fuel; the answer was they don't. If they do.. they have to walk for many a days to Lae (the port city).

They live with what they have.

Some more clips on the way to a remote exploration site "Wamum", connected only via
helicopters. The small cleared up patches are drilling site and the where you see the huts are the base camp, that get supplies from us including drilling etc form the
helicopter via long lines.

The Base Camp wamum:

The Remote Villages:

The deep jungle:

The Gold diggers..

On the way to a gold exploration camp called Wamum

Our Senior most Pilot Dave, originally from Canada, has made PNG his home and flying here for the past 20 years. Dave took me to the base camp Wamum. Dave knows the land, the city, the villages like palm of his hand.

The Wamum Camp:

Thursday, April 9, 2009