Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tradition - Niagara on The Lake

While trying to break every "Tradition/s" for the past fourty some years, suddenly I find myself longing for "Tradition". On Labour day weekend for the past many years we have been going to the "Niagara on the Lake" (a much ignored city by many tourists in the nearby Niagara Falls area) and just enjoy this beautiful city.
A lazy summer-ending after noon, walking down the historical old city paths, going in to souveneir stores or;

just being there, just to be there; to say good bye to another summer.

But this year it felt like it has become a tradition even if it did not begin that way; and I was telling the boys, may be we should keep up this tradition...

Why does human have traditions? or long for traditions? or carry on traditions? is it because s/he tries to live the moments of the past? feel pensive? feel connected? or ceate and leave a trail, a path, behind?

Now I think, Some Traditions are good, the ones that make us feel connected to.

And being in the same Epicurean restaurant every (or almost) laborday weekend for the past 12 years.

As I notice this group of guys having dinner at the restaurant patio. I wonder if
they were foloowing a labor day weekend tradition ?