Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eating out NYC - Last days (Pizza, Bangladeshi, Turkish)

The two cities in US that I have always loved to visit and never got bored are NYC and Las Vegas. Beside the hustle and Bustle the food definitely is the main attraction. On this week long visit to NYC my boys upfront decided that highlight of this trip is going to be checking out several NYC restaurants.


Brooklyn, NY
Highly recommended

This local pizzaria has a few locations in Brooklyn. The thin crust Pizza was great with fresh mozarella, Basil leaves and chioces of toppings. They also serve beer and wine. It was A1 Tasty.

91 Church
(Church and McDonald)
Brooklyn, NY
Must Visit

My elder brother big Foodie Salim Bhai took me to this casual Bangladeshi diner for the best Sponge Rashgulla (a sweet cheese curd), Moglahi parota (fried thin bread stuffed with ground meat and spices and egg) and vegetable Singara. All the items were great and tasty.

Turkish Restaurant
Wehawken, NJ

Right across from Lincoln tunnel in Wehawken, NJ not only has a great view of Manhattan but this Turkish Restaurant that serves great Sish kababa, Zinda Kabab, Tarama and hot turkish bread off of oven.

Street Side Food

The last few days in NYC was mixed with eating out and eating in with friends and family. Eating in was as much fun and wonderful as eating out.

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